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We are Kadosh Landscaping!

Kadosh Landscaping incorporated in 2002. We are open to listen and change ideas. We’ll always be ready to attend you. Always when you need us please call us and participate with us in any suggestion...



Weekly Mowing

Mowing the law is too important for your yard care. It can bring a lot of ben...

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Edging and Bark Mulch

Is most used in flower beds and around ornamental plantings as an attractive bac...

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Spring Clean Up

When it comes to spring clean-up, an out-with-the-old mentality takes center sta...

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SKID Steer (Bob Cat Services)

We do a wide range of bobcat services both in ga...

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Planting (All kinds of plants)

With more than Fourteen years of services in lan...

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Lansdcape design

Since 2002 we have worked extensively in the area of landscaping, during this ti...

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A fireplace can enhance the appeal of any patio, garden or outdoor seating area....

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As the entryway to your home, outdoor steps need a especial attention. We strive...

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Stone veneer is a building material which is commonly used for a wide variety of...

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When you thinking the purpose of your walkway, you can make better decisions on ...

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We design and build a lot of types and style of Patios. Here are some of type...

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Hardscaping Design

Hardscaping is a subcategory of landscaping with the emphasis on those elements ...

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Stone and Block walls

Recognized as a brilliant accessory to a garden or a backyard, stone walls are q...

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